13. Parktherme 24-hours-swimming 2018

Length by length to world record

The athletes from the German national team reached a new world record in 24-hours-swimming event 2018 in the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg with incredible energy output. In a mixed team, the five swimmers swum further than ever a swimmer before.

Alltogether the athletes swum 125 000 lengths this year - € 10000 Euros are donated to ORF "Licht ins Dunkel".

The victory among the individual swimmers is won with a new track record for the fourth time in a row, the Styrian defending champion Claudia Müller with an incredible 72.6 kilometers and the Kapfenberger Gerald Brettenhofer KSV Tri Team with 67.2 kilometers. At the check handover, Licht ins Dunkel Managing Director Eva Radinger, who was visibly overwhelmed by the mood in the last hours of the race, arrived.

ORF "Licht ins Dunkel"

photos FlickR