terms of participation Parktherme 24-hours-swimming

Participation & Security

(1) Anyone who has made a valid online registration or written application is eligible to start. The participation of children is only permitted with the written consent of the legal guardian.

(2) Participation in a swimming competition using sports equipment of any kind (excluding swimming goggles) is not permitted. In particular sports equipment, which may affect the safety or health of the participants or visitors, are not admitted to the event. These include z. B. fins or other swimming aids.

(3) Organizational measures are announced by the organizer before the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer and his appropriately identified staff must be obeyed. In case of violations that disturb the proper course of the event or jeopardize the safety of the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person from the event at any time from the event and / or the disqualification. Legally binding declarations can only be made to the participants by the authorized persons of the organizer. This group of persons also includes the relatives of the medical services in charge of the event who, if they have appropriate health signs to protect the participants, can also prohibit them from taking part or continuing to participate in the competition.

(4) The swimming competition takes place in all weathers. However, the organizer reserves the right, in the event of "risk in arrears", to prematurely cancel the charity swimming competition without any claim for any refund of the entry fee (eg heat, storm, force majeure, terror, etc.).

(5) Each participant can only participate in one competition. A double nomination leads to the disqualification of the swimmer.


(1) If the organizer is authorized in cases of force majeure or obliged by official order or for security reasons to make changes in the execution of the event or to cancel it, there is no obligation for the organizer to pay damages to the participants.

(2) The organizer is not liable for material and financial losses.

(3) The organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participants in connection with the participation in the Parktherme 24-hours-swimming. It is the responsibility of the participants to have their health checked by a doctor.

Safety measures

Participation using sports equipment such fins or other aids is not permitted. The instructions of the staff or the folder must be obeyed. The organizer reserves the right to refuse registrations for important reasons, to exclude a participant from the start or to disqualify him or her. A disqualification occurs in particular if the officially assigned starting number is passed on to third persons, changed in any way or the advertising print is made invisible or illegible. Likewise with actions, which disturb the proper course of the event or endanger the safety of the remaining participants. Disqualified participants will not receive a start permit in the next three years.

Data collection and utilization

(1) The personal data provided by the participants when registering will be stored and processed for the purpose of carrying out and handling the event, including the purpose of the medical care of the participant by the medical services responsible for the event. This also applies to the data necessary for payment processing. By registering, the participant agrees to a storage of data for this purpose.

(2) The photos, film recordings and interviews of the participant in broadcasting, television, print media, books, photomechanical duplication (films, videocassette etc.) made in connection with the participation in the event may be distributed and published by the organizer without any claim to remuneration become.

(3) The personal data stored in accordance with (1) will be forwarded to a commercial photo service provider for the purpose of sending photos of the participant. By registering, the participant agrees to a storage and forwarding of the data for this purpose. However, the participant does not at the same time declare that he / she would like to buy such a photo. The type of contact with the participant or the method of sending the photos is incumbent on the photo service provider. The delivery of relevant information and / or photos may be made electronically (e-mail) and / or by post. The participant in the PARKTHERME 24-hour swimming agrees with his / her registration to publish the photos taken by him / her during the event (full screen and / or thumbnail) in the individualized / digitized list of results on www.parktherme.at.

(4) The personal data stored in accordance with (1) will be passed on to a commercial third party for the purpose of time measurement, creation of result lists and the publication of these lists on the Internet. Likewise, personal data is passed on for the purpose of producing result lists, publication on the Internet and mailings and electronic mail. By registering, the participant agrees to a storage and forwarding of the data for this purpose.

(5) The name, first name, year of birth, gender, if applicable club, start number and result (placement and times) of the participant for the presentation of starter and result lists in all relevant event-accompanying media (printed matter such as program booklet and result booklet, a publication in daily updated print media on request as well as on the Internet). By registering, the participant agrees to the storage and use of personal data for this purpose.

(6) If an e-mail address was announced by the participant during registration, the participant agrees to the sending of information by e-mail by the organizer. A transfer of personal data according to (1) e.g. E-mail addresses to third parties other than those mentioned under (3), (4) and (5) do not occur.

Disregard of the rules of conduct

In case of irregularities there is a one-time warning. After two warnings, the individual swimmer or the squadron will be disqualified. Multiple complaints about a swimmer disobeying the principle of fairness and consideration will be disqualified.

Do not swim

If you do not start the charity swimming contest, you are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee.


Participation is at your own risk: The participant confirms with his / her registration that there is no objection from the doctor to participate. There is no legal claim, claim for damages or the possibility of any claim on the organizer, its employees or other persons or entities. The instructions of the organizer must be obeyed. Parents are responsible for their children!

presentation ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, 10.11.2019 from 12:00 clock in the Sonnenliegeraum the Parktherme instead.


Your personal certificate can be downloaded online at www.zeitnehmung.at after the event.

For further inquiries, please contact us at +43 3476 2677-504 or 24-Stunden-Schwimmen@parktherme.at