Green force in the south of Styria

Exercise, nutrition & mental strengthening for a healthier future

We live in a world accompanied by hectic pace and stress and often forget to relax and just switch off. But we wish for a long lasting health and best well-being and are looking for ways to achieve this and to escape the stress-related illnesses, such as burnout, high blood pressure and sleep disorders, which increasingly characterize our everyday life. 

On the way to a holistic health we would like to support you and have laced the green force packages, with which you medically trained therapists and physicians (so-called green force companions) support and help to a healthier everyday life.

The topics movement, nutrition and mental health in combination with regeneration are always in the center and are the signposts to a healthy way of life. 

The Vita med health centre combined with the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg make a health destination in the south of Styria that combines all the necessary health-promoting offers in one place. Active exercise units improve mobility and the warm thermal water of the Parktherme and the sauna village ensure subsequent relaxation and regeneration.

Green force packages

Prevention for your long-term health

Choose between 3, 5 or 7 nights in the partner accommodation of your choice with the following included services:

green force "balance"
green force "energy"
green force "active & fit"

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