Sauna and Health

in the sauna village of the Parktherme in Styria

The thermal spa in the south of Styria presents itself with a sauna village of a special kind: in eight different saunas, varied special infusions tempt you to relax and feel good and also promote health - especially when Kneipp in the plunge pool. Relaxation rooms, crushed ice, a spacious nudist sauna garden, regional delicacies in the pleasure bar, a plunge pool and much more invite you to enjoy.

The special sauna program can only be experienced by adolescents from 16 years and over or children accompanied by their parents.

Which sauna offer awaits me at the Parktherme?

On more than 3,050 m² there is pure relaxation in the eight different saunas of the Parktherme and together with the plunge pool we do our health good with Kneipp.


The sauna offer of the Parktherme

Volcano sauna 70 °C - curative
Bio sauna 55 °C - harmonising
Infrared active 45 °C - activating
Infrared relax 45 °C - relaxing
Panorama sauna 85 °C - classic
Finnish sauna 90 °C - caring
Wine cellar sauna 90 °C - tingling
"Murnockerl" steam bath 45 °C - caring

Why does a sauna stay promote our health?

Regular sauna visits have a positive effect on our health and strengthen our cardiovascular system. During a sauna visit, the skin surface heats up and the temperature inside also rises. This activates defence cells and dilates the blood vessels, the heart rate increases and the breathing rate also increases while the muscles relax. During a sauna session of about 15 minutes we lose almost half a litre of sweat. This process has a positive effect on our health, as the sweating washes out waste products. Another positive effect on our health during a sauna session is the blood circulation in our mucous membranes, which has a positive effect on our airways and makes it easier for us to breathe deeply. Those who sweat regularly in the sauna reduce their susceptibility to colds.

Proper sauna use in the sauna also stimulates the circulation and in this way promotes our health. Through the temperature changes from the heat in the sauna and a concluding cold shower in the plunge pool (the so-called Kneippen), our cardiovascular system is trained and thus the supply of our body with oxygen is improved.

But a visit to the sauna does not only have a positive effect on our physical health, it also improves the appearance of our skin, as the heat improves the blood supply to the skin and supplies it with more oxygen. Due to the subsequent cooling, the blood vessels narrow and are trained by the interplay of hot and cold and appear rosy and fresh.

A visit to the sauna also has a positive effect on our mental health, as our muscles and our entire body relax and our well-being is increased - just relax and switch off.

Opening hours sauna village

Mon - Thur:
9:30 - 21:15 Uhr
Fri & Sat:
9:30 - 22:45 Uhr
9:30 - 19:45 Uhr

Surcharge sauna

€ 7,70 per person

Kneipp - for our health

Kneipp is about the interplay between warm and cold. It is well known that Kneipp strengthens our immune system and has a positive effect on our health. In the sauna village of the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg one heats up his body in one of the eight saunas and afterwards it goes briefly into the plunge pool. The circulation of blood is stimulated by this Kneipp - the change of pleasant warmth followed by a cold shower in the plunge pool. Kneipping in the plunge pool causes the body to adapt more quickly to changing influences and thus strengthens the immune system.


Special infusions in the sauna

In the finnish sauna, in addition to the Bad Radkersburger sauna ceremony, special infusions led by our sauna masters ensure sparkling wellness moments. Experience a special experience with scents and creams in our sauna village and promote your health.

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