Special sauna infusions in our sauna village


Feel good with guided infusions

Relax and simply unwind at a sauna infusion in the sauna village of Parktherme Bad Radkersburg. Our trained sauna masters provide with the guided sauna infusions for the best well-being and a hot break.

Special infusions in the Finnish sauna

Sauna infusions of a special kind await you in the finnish sauna, as these special infusions, led by our sauna masters, are among the highlights in the sauna village of Parktherme Bad Radkersburg. In the daily changing sauna infusions relax both body and mind with different scents.

The Bad Radkersburger Sauna Ceremony

Do you already know the secret of the triple "Wachlers" and the specially developed Bad Radkersburger sauna ceremony? 

Not only the daily changing special infusions of our sauna masters ensure a hot break in the sauna village, also at the Bad Radkersburg sauna ceremony pure relaxation is offered.

Guests can enjoy this special sauna infusion in the Finnish sauna all year round.


Sauna ceremony in winter

From October to March, the original shape of this special sauna infusion ensures special moments. During the colder months, the sauna infusion water is mixed with naturally fresh pine chips from the thermal and volcanic region of Styria. The characteristic scent of the pine not only refreshes, but also prevents colds and for the right amount of care in winter ensures, before the sauna infusion applied to the skin, elderflower cream with Bad Radkersburg thermal water. A unique sauna infusion experience offers the juxtaposition of coordinated weaving techniques with the specially developed sauna fan - a relaxing and healthy sauna experience.


Summer sauna ceremony

In the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg, a sauna session in the summer does not sound absurd at 30 degrees, because the summer sauna ceremony provides a refreshing ritual for summer-hot days. The sauna infusion water is mixed with crushed ice, thus ensuring a pleasant cooling and relaxation during the sauna infusion. A fresh scent of lavender and mint activates body and soul and the specially developed "Wedel" technique with the "lavender sail" completes the sauna infusion perfectly.

sauna ceremony

led from sauna master:
Mon-Wen & So:
14:00 Uhr
Tue, Fri & Sat:
20:00 Uhr

led acoustically:
Mo-Su: 11:00 Uhr
Tue, Fri & Sat:
14:00 Uhr
Mon, Wen & Thur:
20:00 Uhr