Healing and thermal spring in Bad Radkersburg

Since 23. January 1978 our thermal water has been bubbling with a high self-pressure of 17 bar - equivalent to a 170 m water fountain - from two kilometers of depth and unique composition to the earth's surface. The temperature of the thermal water is 80°C and is cooled to a pleasant 34°C - 36°C for the thermal pools. The unused heat is used completely ecologically.

With approximately 8.000 mg of minerals per liter our thermal spring is one of the mineral-richest mineral springs in Austria. In the spring pool with the highest supply of fresh thermal water, the health-promoting effect of the thermal water is particularly noticeable. This special effect also supports the regeneration during a 3-week inpatient cure our new "Vita med" health center next to the Parktherme thermal spa.

On approximately 2.700 m² of water surface, our guests find a varied range of moving relaxation offers.

Thermal water of the Bad Radkersburg thermal spring
view of the vitality pool
view of the spring pool in the evening
spring pool in the dusk

Useful information about our special thermal water

4 times water temperature

At the temperature of 80°C our spring water gushes up - that means 4 times the temperature - because from 20°C a spring is already considered a hot spring.



8 times mineralisation

Our thermal spring has just under 8.000 mg of minerals per liter.
With 1.000 mg of minerals per liter, water is already considered healing water.




170 meters water fountain

The thermal water doesn't have to be laboriously pumped to the surface, but has an autogenous pressure of about 17 bar. This corresponds to a water fountain of approximately 170 meters in height.

Excerpt from the healing water analysis 2014 (sample 3A)

Institute of Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Division
Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Source therapeutic indications