Your way to cure | GVA Inpatient and outpatient therapy

How to get to the cure or new heath care active (GVA)

Ask your family doctor or specialist about an application for a GVA treatment or a classic three-week inpatient treatment.

Basically, 2 treatments are planned within 5 years. If this is not met, a well-founded medical justification by the family doctor or specialist is necessary.

Your application will then be examined by your social insurance institution and, if approved, you will receive a letter from your insurance company and the Vita med health centre. Upon receipt of this letter, please contact the Vita med health centre and arrange an appointment for your inpatient treatment or GVA. You can also choose one of our 4* contract hotels. Our spa hotels are the 4*Vitalhotel of the Parktherme and the 4*Hotel Kaiser of Austria.

You will then again receive a letter from the Vita med health centre with all the important information about your cure/GVA. The costs for your 3-week stay will be covered by your social insurance (except deductible).

Application for a cure | GVA

Cure subsidy

For guests who wish to be independent with regard to the spa date and accommodation in one of our spa hotels, there is a spa cost subsidy.

For more information, please contact your social security.

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Your way to outpatient therapy

The Vita med health centre of the Parktherme has a contract with many insurance companies for directly billable therapies.

With a medical referral certificate from your family doctor or specialist, you can receive 7 to 10 therapy sessions with a maximum of 3 different physical therapies (one of which must be an active therapy) at the Vita med health centre of the Parktherme, depending on the insurance company. The total costs will be settled with your respective social insurance and no pre-financing is necessary.

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