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Under the direction of the ordination of Prim. Dr. Bernd Zirm was responsible for magnesium research and the application of magnesium and calcium. 

The "Magnesium forum" Bad Radkersburg was founded in 1991 in the cure centre Bad Radkersburg, because this place had a magnesium and calcium rich healing spring, the mineral water spring "Long Life", whose special healing water is also now used for drinking cures in the context of spa stays in the new Vita med health centre.

More than 50 lectures were held at home and abroad for doctors and pharmacists, in addition a large number of lay evenings and health weeks were offered.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to minimize risk factors. Our life is more and more determined by stress and hectic. This wrong lifestyle is further aggravated by a wrong diet, too little exercise and wrongly understood leisure time.

Your personal anti-aging and risk profile

Based on the annually recommended medical check-up, we can offer you additional components to minimize risk factors such as oxidative stress, early vascular sclerosis and ultimately premature aging. After the check-up, you will receive a personal written health profile, a doctor's consultation and other suggestions that can improve your quality of life.

Use the information about vital minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium and learn a lot about antioxidants, vitamins and plant substances, which an annual, especially extended health examination provides. In the new Vita med health centre of the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg we will create your personal anti-aging and risk profile from your examination results.

Thermal water study

On October 25, 2013, Christian Fazekas, Franziska Matzer and Eva Nagele conducted a study entitled "Optimal strategies for stress reduction - exercise or passive relaxation".

One aim of the study was therefore to find out how healthy persons differ in certain stress parameters when bathing in thermal water, during exercise or a combined approach compared to a resting condition.

The main objective of the study was to investigate the extent to which more highly stressed. Address people differently to the conditions than less stressed people.


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