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in the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg

In the Vita med health center of Parktherme Bad Radkersburg you can relax with our various massage techniques. Your individual needs and desires are top priority for our medically trained therapists with every massage at the spa.

Massage in the thermal spa Bad Radkersburg

Discover a new physicality in the spa and say goodbye to contaminated sites. We offer you a varied massage offer at the highest medical-therapeutic level. 

Medically trained therapists pamper you with different massage techniques - tailored to your individual needs. Regionality is very important in the thermal spa in Styria!

For a variety of massages, our therapists use regional natural products for a holistic relaxation.

Which massages are available in our thermal spa?

Our massage offer ranges from classic healing massages to fascia massage.

Whether back, body, partial body, or relaxation massage - our classic healing massages at the spa will address your individual problem areas. These massages positively affect your muscles, connective tissue and skin - by stroking, kneading, rubbing and tapping.

Special touch techniques lead to energetic relaxation during SPA treatments.

How much is a massage at our thermal spa in Bad Radkersburg?

The price of a massage in the spa depends on the technique of massage and the duration of the massage.

Classic healing massages

  • Faszienmassage
  • SPA treatments
  • Baths and packs 
intuitive massages

Where can I relax with a massage in the thermal spa?

Enjoy and switch off the varied relaxation offer of the thermal spa in Bad Radkersburg - from the special thermal water to a relaxing massage. In the vitality studio directly in the spa, we offer a large range of medical and therapeutic massage treatments and your thermal spa stay will be perfectly complemented with our massage and nursing treatments.

However, it is also possible to relax without entering the thermal spa with a massage in the Vitality studio of the Parktherme.

You can also relax in the Vita med health center - be it a massage as part of an outpatient therapy, a thermal spa or health stay, or a private service.

Why should I relax with a massage?

People have been using massages for pain relief and relaxation for millennia. This is based on the natural instinct to massage sore areas. As a result, various different techniques have been developed by different cultures. At our spa, the therapists resort to classic, medicinal healing massages and their techniques.

Nowadays we do not relax during a massage to relieve physical discomfort but also to relieve stress and to relax mentally.

Professional massages have a positive effect on people. Kneading, rubbing, stroking and tapping can make the skin and musculature bleed better. This relieves pain and leads to a positive, holistic well-being. The body relaxes and hardening and sticking of the muscles dissolve.

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