Medical training center for targeted strength training

Supervised medical training

The new medical training centre in the Vita med health centre of the Parktherme stands for supervised and targeted strength training and is geared towards therapy and thermal spa guests as well as residents of the region.

The Bad Radkersburg "Pro Long Life MED Concept" includes a four-stage therapy model on the topics of exercise, nutrition and mental health, combined with regeneration in special thermal water.

The central theme "exercise" is offered exclusively on state-of-the-art medical training equipment and - unlike in most fitness studios - in the form of supervised training sessions by physiotherapists and sports scientists.

What does the abbreviation H.U.R. stand for?

The pneumatic resistance system "natural transmission" from H.U.R. ensures optimum loading of the muscles over the entire movement sequence. Joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue are optimally protected.

With the so-called "Smart Card", your individual seat height and the necessary resistance can be automatically adjusted.

Efficient strength training in just 30 minutes, in the strength circle, the heart of the new Vita med training centre, with innovative computer-controlled H.U.R. training equipment.

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Prices valid from 01.10.2019 to 30.09.2020.
Price and program changes reserved.


H.U.R. Trainingsgeräte bei Inanspruchnahme einer MTZ Tageskarte Premium um nur € 42,00 inkl. 1 medizinisches Einzeltraining nutzen.