Thermal spa in Styria Parktherme Bad Radkesrburg

A unique world of relaxation and activity

The thermal spa in the south of Styria - the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg - presents itself with much warmth and coziness.

The contemporary architecture with transparent transitions between the new buildings offers fascinating views of the natural park landscape.

The focus is on the unique, special thermal water. The health-promoting and relaxing effect of the healing sources on the musculoskeletal system is noticeable in the spring basin with 36 ° C and varied Sprudelattraktionen. Relaxing and eventful hours can also be experienced in the sauna village with innovative nourishing or invigorating infusions with our sauna masters.

2,700 m² water world

extends to three thermal pools with a total of 650 m² of thermal water and several freshwater pools:

  • Source pool 36°C (thermal water) - for teenagers from 16 years
  • Vital pool indoor 34°C (thermal water) - for children from 6 years
  • Vital pool outside 34°C (thermal water) - for children from 6 years
  • 50 meter outdoor sports pool for the whole family - tempered all year round, guaranteed 25°C from mid-March to early November
  • Infant pool 32°C - for babies and toddlers
  • Adventure area 32°C - for children and families with wild water stream and family slide
view from above of the vitality pool behind trees
vitality pool 34 °C
view from the top of the adventure area
thermal spa for kids

Highlights in our thermal spa

  • Appealing architecture
  • Interior and exterior views of the park landscape
  • Sauna village with diverse infusion experiences
  • Cosy, comfortably arranged resting and lying areas
  • Ergonomic loungers, partner hammocks
  • Activity forum: multi-visual and up-close activity trips in and around the region
  • Relaxation area: deep relaxation in the herbal-salt grotto and in the light & sound temple
  • Moving your inner life: spa treatments in the vitality studio
  • Thermal spa shop with regional products
  • Kids club for children – expeditions with „Puschel“ the squirrel
  • Gourmet bar full of regional delicacies
  • Styrian wok dishes in the restaurants
  • free WLAN
source pool 36 °C
vitality pool 34 °C