Outpatient cure/­therapy
in Bad Radkersburg

The Vita med Health Center at Parktherme Bad Radkersburg offers outpatient physical therapy treatments, and as part of your therapy you will benefit from discounted admissions to the affiliated Parktherme Bad Radkersburg.

Opening hours
Vita med Gesundheitszentrum

  • MO-FR /7:00 - 17:00
  • MO-SA /7:00 - 12:00

The advantages ­of an
outpatient cure

The outpatient cure uses natural energy sources and helps in the treatment and rehabilitation of many diseases. A mix of active therapy – here in particular movement therapy with physiotherapists – and passive therapy such as healing massages, lymph drainage, mud and bath applications as well as electrotherapy, ultrasound and inhalation are used depending on the clinical picture. In contrast to an in-patient cure, you only stay at the therapy center during the treatment period and continue to spend the night at your place of residence. The Vita med Health Center has a contract with many insurance companies for the direct billing of these therapies, which must be prescribed by the family doctor/specialist beforehand. It always proves to be particularly effective to take time for baths in the 36°C warm spring pool of the Parktherme after the therapeutic treatments.

Your way to the
outpatient cure

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Examination or consultation by the general practitioner or specialist

Zu sehen ist ein Warteraum, in dem mehrere Personen sitzen. Ein Physiotherapeut betritt gerade diesen Raum und ruft Patienten auf.


Referral to the Vita med Health Center by a panel physician and appointment on +43 3476 2265

Ein Physiotherapeut erklärt einem trainierenden Mann die Funktionsweise eines Trainingsgeräts.


7 to 10 therapy sessions with a maximum of 3 different physical therapies in the Vita med health center

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The Vita med Health Center is one of the 18 Styrian physical contract outpatient clinics and therefore the entire costs can be settled with your respective health insurance company and no pre-financing is necessary. With a medical referral slip from your family doctor or specialist, you can receive 7 to 10 therapy sessions with a maximum of 3 different physical applications (one of which must be an active therapy), depending on the insurance carrier.

You can choose from the following as contract partners: ÖGK (Österreichische Gesundheitskasse), BVAEB (Versicherungsanstalt öffentlich Bediensteter, Eisenbahn und Bergbau), SVS (Sozialversicherung der Selbständigen), various health care institutions.

Your advantage:
Admission to the thermal spa included!

The special “treat” for our spa guests: Within the framework of the cure in the Vita med health center, the daily admission to the Parktherme with its health-promoting rich thermal water is included.


At the Vita med Health Center you can take advantage of the following therapeutic treatments:

  • Massage therapy, such as manual partial body massage, complex decongestive therapy (formerly lymphatic drainage);
  • Exercise therapy, such as individual physiotherapy, group exercise therapy (back school “Dr. Wolff Back Therapy Concept”)
  • Tub baths & mud treatments, such as natural carbonic acid tub baths with the local remedy “Bad Radkersburger Stadtquelle”.
  • Electrotherapy, ultrasound & inhalations

The choice of therapy treatments depends on your complaints. It is best to ask your family doctor which ones are most suitable for you.

Specialist surgeries
in Vita med

Dr. Andrea Zirm, specialist for internal medicine, private and all health insurances

Dr. Bernhard Zirm, specialist for internal medicine, private practice

Dr. Michael Müller, specialist for orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, elective physician

Thomas Gombocz, Clinical Psychologist and Health Psychologist

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