Parktherme Bad Radkersburg Thermal spa Styria

In the south of the thermal and volcanic region Styria

In the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg - the thermal spa in the south of Styria - you can enjoy the healthy warmth of the special thermal water, which comes to the earth's surface from a depth of two kilometres at a temperature of 80 degrees on its own. After a visit to the thermal spa Styria - awarded several times as Austria's thermal spa of the year - one feels reborn, because the health-promoting effect of the highly mineralised Bad Radkersburger thermal water is particularly noticeable in the spring pool with 36 degrees thermal water.

Contemporary architecture, transparent transitions between the buildings with a direct connection to the thermal pools of the Styrian thermal baths, offer unique views into the natural five-hectare park landscape, which invites you to linger and enjoy in the warm season.

In the thermal spa Styria, you can also experience moments of well-being and hot breaks in the sauna village in eight different saunas and with nurturing and tingling guided special infusions or at the Bad Radkersburg sauna ceremony.

Absolute relaxation is guaranteed by individual massages performed by medically trained therapists at the Vita med health centre.

However, not only those seeking relaxation but also those hungry for exercise and sports enthusiasts will find everything they need in the Styrian thermal spa.

The 50-metre outdoor sports pool, with a guaranteed water temperature of 25 degrees from mid-March to November, or the daily activity and vitality programme, which is offered free of charge to spa guests, as well as the outdoor fitness training from May to September, lure you out into nature for moving experiences.

The thermal spa for children in Styria also provides pure water fun for the youngest guests. Whether at varied water attractions or on the cool family slide with stripe (spiral) effect in the tube in the adventure area or in the kids club - the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg has something for everyone.

Competence center for health, regeneration and lifestyle

The Vita med health centre of the Parktherme - the thermal spa in the south of Styria - offers its guests holistic health offers, active spa and preventive health care as well as private preventive health care offers with the emphasis on exercise, relaxation and mental fitness.

The medical competence, the regenerative thermal water of the Styrian thermal spa, applications with regional natural products and the natural local remedies - thermal water and mineral water - in combination with the unique landscape - the Mur meadows and the vineyards - make Bad Radkersburg a "power place for health". And the medical training centre ensures that there is always enough exercise to stay fit.