Parktherme Bad Radkerburg Unique world of relaxation

Immersion in unique thermal water

The Parktherme in Southern Styria (Austria) is a unique world of relaxation and activity that welcomes you with warmth and comfort. The heart of it all is the special thermal water, travelling two kilometres up to the surface of the earth with a temperature of 80 °C and a wealth of minerals in it. Feel the healing and restoring effect of the mineral springs on your musculoskeletal system, especially in the 36 °C spring pool and the various bubbling spring attractions.

Sauna village 

New dimensions of wellness also open up in the sauna village, where you are treated with innovative infusion experiences like spring water or crushed ice infusions.

a couple in the sparkling pool
relaxing in the thermal spring pool
a relaxed couple in the hot thermal water
Enjoying the warm thermal water
a couple drinks a glass of wine
Trying a regional wine after sauna