Inpatient cure
in Bad Radkersburg

The inpatient spa, as one of the four pillars of health, is of particular importance in Bad Radkersburg. Recognizing and strengthening one's own health potential, alleviating complaints and developing new ways of living is the focus of this pillar. The Vita med Health Center is a partner of numerous insurance companies, which allow you to apply for a three-week classic cure or the new cure "Health Care Active".

Your way
to cure
or new GVA

Arzt berät Dame

Ask your family doctor or specialist regarding an application for a GVA curative procedure or a classic three-week inpatient cure. (In principle, 2 curative procedures are provided for within 5 years. If this falls short, a well-founded medical justification by the family doctor or specialist is necessary).

Eine Dame in blauem Bademantel steht an der Rezeption und spricht mit der Rezeptionistin. In der Hand hält sie ein Formular für einen Kurantrag.

Complete the application form and submit it to your social security agency.

Zu sehen ist ein Übersichtsplan im Eingangsbereich des Vita med Gesundheitszentrums der Parktherme Bad Radkersburg.

If approved, you will receive a letter from your insurance company and Vita med Health Center.

Außensicht auf das Gebäude des Vita med Gesundheitszentrums der Parktherme Bad Radkersburg.

Contact the Vita med Health Center and make the appointment for your inpatient cure or GVA.


Choose one of our 4* contract hotels. Our spa hotels are the ****Vitalhotel of the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg and the 4* Hotel Kaiser von Österreich.

Blick in den Innenhof des Vita med Gesundheitszentrums.

You will again receive a letter from the Vita med Health Center with all important information about your cure/GVA. The costs for your 3-week stay will be covered by your social insurance (excluding deductible).

Highest award by the
Pension Insurance Institution

The Vita med Health Center is a sought-after contact point for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolic disorders. The patients with their individual needs are the focus of our efforts.

In the last audit by the Pension Insurance Institution, our striving for quality that reaches the patients and the fulfillment of our contracts with the social insurances was rewarded.

Both in the hotel sector (accommodation and lodging) and in the medical sector (therapy center / physical outpatient clinic), 5 logos – the absolute maximum of what can be achieved – were achieved in each case. In addition to the medical-technical and hotel equipment of the house, the qualification and professionalism of the employees as well as the processes in diagnostics and therapy were evaluated. We are proud that with this award we belong to the best health resorts in Austria.

Accomodation in our
4* contract hotels

We have the privilege to offer you two **** contract hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Vita med Health Center. The lively ****Vitalhotel of the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg with connecting corridor to the public Parktherme and the family-run Historik- und Thermalhotel Kaiser von Österreich, with its own thermal and sauna landscape.

Your advantage:
Admission to the thermal spa included!

Your advantage: admission to the thermal spa included!

Active health care
incl. spa program

In addition to the classic spa treatment, the new treatment program of the Pension Insurance Institution “Gesundheitsvorsorge Aktiv” (Active Health Care) at the Vita med Health Center of the Parktherme now also helps to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system during a stay of 22 days.

Building on the classic cure, the focus is on improving lifestyle and thus enhancing quality of life. More knowledge and practical experience in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mental health should lead to a positive lifestyle change and thus to greater personal well-being.

healing springs

Two healing springs are used in the Vita med health center or the directly connected Parktherme Bad Radkersburg.

The mineral water spring (the Bad Radkersburg city spring) is characterized by its high content of magnesium (approx. 200 mg per liter) with a simultaneously low content of sodium. At the Vita med Health Center, you can drink the natural magnesium-rich healing water either directly at the fountain or feel the tingling natural carbonic acid of the healing water in invigorating and at the same time relaxing carbonic acid baths.

The thermal water of Bad Radkersburg bubbles up to the earth’s surface from a depth of two kilometers and a unique composition. With approx. 8,000 mg of mineral content per liter, the Bad Radkersburg thermal spring is one of the most mineral-rich healing springs in Austria. In the spring pool with the highest supply of fresh thermal water, its health-promoting effect is particularly noticeable. This special effect also supports regeneration during a three-week inpatient spa stay at the Vita med health center at the Parktherme.

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