steam bath
in the Parktherme

Warm rocks, water cascades and fragrant wafts of mist - in the Murnockerl steam bath, pure well-being is the order of the day. This special steam bath in the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg reflects with its architecture the region and the adjacent Mur landscape and floodplain, the Natura 2000 nature reserve, and invites you to a pleasantly hot time out in the steam sauna.
A treat for the skin!

steam bath

Treat your skin to a special wellness treatment: a visit to the Murnockerl steam bath at 100% humidity gently opens the pores and boosts circulation at the same time.

  • Temperature: approx. 45 °C
  • Humidity: 100


  • gentle cleansing of the skin
  • positive effect on the respiratory system
  • stimulation of the circulation
  • relaxation of the musculature

Creams &

Our tip: Nourishing creams & peelings can develop their effect particularly well when used in the steam bath. In the spa store at the Parktherme you will find a large selection of care products that are specially designed for use in the sauna.

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