Special infusions
in the Finnish sauna

Coffee, Aperol and crushed ice are not only available in the Parktherme gastronomy - also in the Sauna Village of the Parktherme these and many other experience infusions provide variety on your spa day.

Summer sauna

The summer sauna ceremony provides a special infusion experience in the warm months with a refreshing and fragrant ritual. The infusion water, mixed with crushed ice and the refreshing and at the same time relaxing scent of lavender and mint soothes body and mind.

Bad Radkersburg
sauna ceremony

From October to March you can experience the unique Bad Radkersburg sauna ceremony in the Finnish sauna. The infusion water is mixed with naturally fresh pine shavings from the Styrian thermal & volcanic region. The special waving techniques with the sauna fan round off the experience infusion perfectly.

Proper sauna:
Tips on how to take a sauna

Eine junge Dame steht im Thermalwasser und lässt einen Wasserfall auf sich herabprasseln.


Clean your body thoroughly before taking a sauna – this guarantees an enjoyable sweat for everyone.

Schild, auf dem Saunazeremonie steht.


Before entering the sauna cabin, you should make sure that no infusion is currently taking place – corresponding signs indicate this.

Only your towels come into the cabin – bathrobe, slippers, glasses, jewelry and swimwear should be taken outside beforehand.

Eine junge Dame entspannt in der Sauna.

Seat selection

Sauna beginners are initially recommended to lie on a middle bench, experienced sauna lovers can sit on the warmer, upper benches.

Use your towel to avoid direct contact with the wooden benches.

Ein Mann und eine Frau sind in der Finnischen Sauna. Die Frau sitzt auf der Bank, während der Mann eine Saunazeremonie vorbereitet.


In the Finnish sauna, panorama sauna & wine cellar sauna you can enjoy guided infusions by our sauna masters at selected times.

A sauna session lasts between 8 and 15 minutes, depending on your personal condition.

Ein Mann steht im Tauchbecken und hält die Hände hinter den Kopf, während das Wasser an ihm abperlt. Im Hintergrund ist eine Frau zu sehen, die auf einer Liege ein Buch liest.

Cooling down

Cooling down after taking a sauna is as much a part of taking a sauna as sweating. For proper cooling, take a cold shower first, starting at the arms and feet and working your way toward the heart. If you like, you can also take a dip in the plunge pool afterwards. There are also two Kneipp pools in the spacious sauna garden for you to cool off in.

Eine Frau steht am Trinkwasserbrunnen und hält ihre Hände unter das Wasser.


Don’t forget to replenish lost fluids – in the sauna village you will find two drinking fountains for this purpose.

Resting phase

So much sauna time makes you tired – so treat yourself to an extended resting phase in the spacious sauna garden or the comfortable lounging rooms before you set off for your next sauna session or visit to the pool landscape.

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