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Our thermal water pool offer

The thermal water pool offer of the Parktherme comprises a spring pool as well as a vital pool inside and a vital pool outside.


Spring pool (36°C)

In the spring pool, the hot spring water (almost 80°C) is cooled down to 36°C at the outlet and is available to guests (16 years and older) for relaxing and health-promoting thermal baths.

The various massage jets, which are switched on at different intervals, provide the necessary variety and beneficial massages all over the body.

Indoor and outdoor vitality pool (34°C)

From Monday to Friday, active programs, led by the therapists, take place in the 34° warm vitality pool as part of the weekly free active and vitality program.

The vitality pool is also available for our younger guests aged 6 and over!

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Vitality pool:
Mon, 11 to Fri, 15 May 2020

Spring pool:
Mon, 15 to Fri, 19 June 2020